The Secret Garden


 From the classic novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett adapted by Tim Kelly

Performances at Washington Elementary School Canon City

March 11, 12, and 13

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Martha Sowerby:  Kimmy Smith

Mrs. Medlock:  Sophie Nordell

Cook:  Nikki White

John Sowerby:  Shaun Angelo-Surber

Phil Sowerby:  Truman Harwood

Betty Sowerby:  Sadie Claflin

Jane Sowerby: Brenna Angelo_Surber

Mrs. Crawford:  Bonnie Burke

Kanchi:  Ally Giammo

Mary Lennox:  Makenzie Konty

Miss Wiggin:  Katie Abbott

Dickon Sowerby:  Josiah Nine

Dr. Craven:  Jesse Bell

Mrs Sowerby:  Rebecca Del Castillo

Nurse:  Brianon Burke

Archibald Craven:  Paden Nelson

Colin Craven:  Seth Heggie

Gentleman #1:  Paden Nelson

Gentleman #2:  Wyatt Nelson

Lady #1:  Ally Giammo

Lady#2:  Katie Abbott

Bellboy:  Wyatt Nelson

Lilias Craven: Lily Nordell

Director:  Cindy Nordell

Producers: Valerie Green and Brian Konty

Set Design: Bat Wiles, Sharon Linam, Andy Heggie, Jerry Linam, and Keith Nordell

Costumes:  Cynthia Smith, Cathi Jamison, Sharon Linam, Marcia Bell, Patricia Angel, and Marcy Del Castillo

Hair/Make-up:  Judy Mitchell and Trisha Konty

Stage Manager:  Lynn Giammo

Stage Crew:  Jay Fredrick, Nellie Jarvis, Jack Nordell, Joseph Ensley, Andrew McCain, and Matt Angelo