New Clothes2007


 Shayne Taylor and Brittney Silengo as The Emperor and Empress



 Orchestra  Emily Bosisio
 Behron Georganta
 Marissa Graham
 Brian Bowen
 Brianna Freda
 True Baldwin
 Pete the Tailor  Conner Jones
 Grandmother  Rebecca Del Castillo
 Fruit Peddler  Eve Sheets
 Bakers:  Amanda Schleicher
 Danielle Nibel
 Blacksmith  Zoe Sheets
 Empress  Brittney Silengo
 Emperor  Shane Taylor
 Peasants:  Danielle Nibel
 Kathryn Wied
 Blair Little
 Kyle Gjelsness
 Guards:  Summer Camerlo
 Dee Dee Smith
 Emperor’s Advisors:  Michael MacKinnon
 Luke Ludvigson
 Blake Mitchell
 Gymnast  Kyrsten Minich
 Townspeople:  Emily Mortensen
 Molly Cosadd
 Kate Baldwin
 Rose Petal Girls:  Emma Baldwin
 Penny Wied


 Director  Nellie Jarvis
 Assistant Director  Joy Freda
 Producer & Program Design  Marcy Del Castillo
 Makeup  Nancy Fenyves
 Hairstylist  Judy Mitchell
 Set Construction  Michael Donnelly
 Lights/Sound  Leah Jarvis
 Stage Manager  Tracy Harmon
 Stage Crew  Everyone!!