Thank you for auditioning for our Children’s Theatre plays!! 

Check the lists below to see your role!!  Congratulations!!

A Thousand Cranes

By Kathryn Schultz Miller


NAME                                                CHARACTER

Valerie Goodland                                 Actor 1

Bella Martinez                                     Sadako

Harley Davidson                                 Kenji/Daisuke

Bjorn Piltingsrud                                 Father/Masashige/Mr. Araki

Chloe Martin                                        Mother and Mrs. Watanabe

Emma Schmitz                                    Grandmother Oba Chan


The Enchanted Bookshop

By Todd Wallinger

NAME                                                CHARACTER

Tiffany Quintana                                Book Fairy

Cooper Telck                                       Tom Sawyer

Lily Booth                                           Heidi

Maggie Bohlken                                 Pollyanna

Isaac Bohlken                                     Robin Hood

Harley Davidson                                 Sherlock Holmes

Riley Jo “RJ” Walsh                           Dorothy

Hunter Davidson                                Doctor Dolittle and Hopalong Cassidy

Bjorn Piltingsrud                               Fagin and Frankenstein

Torben Booth                                      Long John Silver

Vivian TerMeer                                   Tammy and Queen of Hearts

Shannon Martin                                  Bombalurina the Cat

Ingrid Piltingsrud                               Wicked Witch of the West

Lillian Watson                                    Mom

Aubrey Garoutte                                 Lady in Red

Julianne “Jules” Nordby                   Officer Ketchum

Nellie TerMeer                                    Margie

Jasmynn “Jazzy” Nordby                   Fingers

Solveig Booth                                        Angie



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