FCT’s 2015 Production of

bteoyn 2

Directed by Zachary Strickler

Assistent Direcor  Nancy Fenyves

Cast List

King Lowell                          Ethan Carpenter
Queen Fayette                        Elizabeth Koch
Prince Darius         Christopher Simmonds
Duchess Aldora                     Olivia Nordyke
Courtier 1                                 Bella Martinez
Courtier 2                          Kaitlin Simmonds
Courtier 3                          Camryn Pedzinski
Courtier 4                                   Curtis Tatum
Courtier 5                                    Ryan Surber
Courtier 6                                 Gus Carpenter
Courtier 7                                 Priscilla Welsh
Courtier 8                                     Matea Smith
Courtier 9                                Nathania Smith
Courtier 10            Willam Carpenter-Jensen
Courtier 11                                  Kalyssa Mand
Princess Marlene                     Stella Hartman
Princess Olvia                              Sierra Tatum
Princess Gwen                            Jordin Ingalls
Princess Sonja                          Rebekah Koch
Party Guests:    Tryphena Davis, Annabelle Peterson, Cheridyn Peterson, Rory Peterson, Broden Fordyce, Brooklin Whitney
          Darius a model prince, except he never laughs. Even the upcoming Christmas party just seems a bore. What poor Prince Darius doesn’t know is that he is cursed to never be happy until he realizes his nose is too big, but who’s going to tell him? And how can anyone convince him of the truth when everyone around him has always said it was the most wonderful, handsome nose in the world?
8th Annual Loaves and Fishes Fundraiser
Nov 20, 21 and 22 at Harwood Chapple