BellNovember 2002


 Director  Mark Miller
 Producer  Kim Barber
 Assistant Director  Sharon Dickman


 Gillian Holroyd  Anderea Cranson
 (A modern witch)
 Shepherd Henderson  Ira Jayson Carpenter
 (Publisher and a single man)
 Miss Holroyd (Auntie Queenie)   Kathy Herrin
 (Gillian’s eccentric aunt and also a witch)
 Nicky Holroyd  Elijah Dylan Dies
 (Gillian’s brother, a mischevious warlock)
 Sidney Redlitch  Justin Davis
 (Author of a book on witchcraft)


 House Manager  Liz Babilot
 Props  Jeanne Johnson
 Stage Sets  Mark Miller
 Costume and Publicity  Jen Miller
 Stage Manager  Sharon Dickman
 Set Painting  Nellie Jarvis
 Stage Crew  Kate Colby
 Lighting  Tom Led better
 Tony Schenk
 Program  Joe Benway
 Publicity  Kim Barber