Day Radio Text





Walter Schepp

The Breakfast Show

Breakfast With the Bubbles

Announcer Tom Moffat
G.B. Julie Roetker
Bubbles Ronna Kuretich

The Soap Opera

The Right to Happiness

Mr. Preble Tom Moffat
Mrs. Preble Ronna Kuretich
Secretary Julie Roetker

Investigative Reporting

Mrs. Sturdley Mary Wisdorf
George Walter Schepp

Topics of Current Interest

Walter Schepp

The Cop Show


Jim Wednesday Dave Bell
Charlie Jones Tom Moffat
Mrs. Pike Julie Roetker
Harry/Sam Walter Schepp

Public Service Broadcast

The Retirement Speech

Dave Golden

Evening Entertainment

This is Your Wife

Edward Ralph Brendan Pardue
Algernon Tom Moffat
Mrs. Eyestrain Ronna Kuretich
Sebastian Dave Bell
Winifred Julie Roetker
Amanda Mary Wisdorf


Your Hit Parade

Indian Love Call Mary Toponce
The Wide Open Spaces Walter Schepp
You’d Be Surprised Mary Toponce
Harry Lewis Dave Golden
Pianist Arlene Keever