Princess & Pea

 March 2009

(In order of appearance)

 Isadora  Carissa Harlow
 Isadora’s Spirits  Katie Abbott
 Everette Jensen
 Cheyenne Jamerson
 Morgan Swann
 Kimmy Smith
 Prince Harcourt  Lucas Strickler
 Princess Lilac  Malia Taylor
 Princess Fern  Maggie Lamanna
 Princess Periwinkle  Lily Nordell
 Princess Orchid  Annie Emster
 Queen Sophia  Molly Cozadd
 Prince Edgar  True Baldwin
 Princess Greta  Courtney Lamanna
 Handmaiden Mary  Kaliseha Mokhriby
 Handmaiden Oga  Ally Giamno
 Handmaiden Ida  Brenna Angelo Surber
 King Ulsted  Kyle McDowell
 Cook Martha  Ashten Rhodes
 Cook Margaret  Kayla Jamesrson
 Cook Martin  Nathan Gjelsness
 Rose  Makenzie Konty
 Young Harry  Blake Mitchell
 Young Edgar  Blake Welch
 Towns People  Joshua Bebout
 Victoria Dube
 Sophie Nordell
 Talia Wadas
 Emma Baldwin
 Priest / Trumpeter  Shaun Angelo
 Town Gossip  Kate Baldwin
 Peasant Girl  Elizabeth Dube
 King Yorick  Kyle Gjelsness
 Queen Yorick  Casey Giammo
 Towns People Extras  Ellie Enderle
 Sydney Francis
 Sadie Claflin
 Olivia Stuck
 Zoe Ulrich
 Jayden Huntsman

Production & Stage Crew
(*Denotes age 18 and under)

 Director  Marcy Del Castillo
 Assistant Director  Rebecca Del Castillo*
 Producer and Stage Manager  Angela Kettle*
 Lights  Matthew Angelo / Kyle Harlow
 Sound and Technical Assistance  Brian Konty
 Make up and Green Room Monitors  Allison Mills*
 Malori Bennett*
 Malorie Nixon*
 Hair  Judy Mitchell
 Props and Scene Changes  Annie Ernster*
 Sydney Francis*
 Victoria Dube*
 Ellie Enderle*
 Sadie Claflin*
 Emma Baldwin*
 Lily Nordell*
 Scene Change Music  Blake Michell*
 Prop Design  Marcy Del Castillo